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Food Strategies to Stay Energized

Let’s face it: life can get busy! And for many people, that means making poor food choices and, sometimes, skipping meals altogether. It’s good to be aware when life gets busy so that you can put together quick food choices that will help keep you going and less run down. Here are some healthy food and lifestyle tips for when life gets kicked into high gear:

  • Snacks: Low calorie foods like fresh fruit, grilled chicken strips, nutrition bars, string cheese and yogurt are great to have on hand. If you’re running errands, keep a small cooler handy that you can fill and put into your car while you’re out and about. Use ice or ice packs to keep foods cold.
  • Instead of filling up on large meals, eat several small meals throughout the day after you’ve fueled up with breakfast. Eating small meals also helps to keep your blood sugar from getting too low.
  • For a quick and nutritious snack, enjoy peanut butter on whole wheat toast.
  • Stay hydrated with water!
  • Before going grocery shopping, make a list of healthy food items that include high fiber foods, low fat foods and low sugar foods.
  • When you cook, make enough to spread out throughout the week, like grilled chicken. Grilled chicken strips are great to snack on and they make a great ingredient for salads.
  • Use smaller plates when eating so that you do not overeat and become sluggish.