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Better-for-You Brown Bag Lunches

There are so many reasons to brown bag your lunches. Not only can you save a lot of money, but you are also in control of portions and how healthy your lunches will be. Restaurant lunch prices can easily have you spending $50+ per week, and restaurant size portions, depending on what you order, are loaded with extra calories. If you would like to eat healthier and watch your waistline, you may want to consider these better-for-you brown bag lunch ideas and tips:

  • Keep your body fueled yet filling full throughout the afternoon by consuming low-fat protein and carbohydrates for lunch. Beans, fruits, nuts and vegetables are great options.
  • Vary your sandwiches fixings. Instead of using whole wheat sandwich bread all of the time, use whole wheat pitas and whole wheat tortillas, too.
  • Raid the refrigerator for healthy leftovers. Did you grill chicken last night? Grilled chicken is the perfect ingredient for a healthy wrap (grilled chicken, low-fat cheese, bell pepper strips, leaf lettuce), and grilled chicken is great to snack on.
  • When cooking dinner make a little bit extra for your next day’s lunch.
  • Stock up on canned foods that are nutrient-rich, like beans and tuna. Keep a few cans at work in case you’re running late and you don’t have enough time to prepare your lunch before work.